Friday, May 21, 2010


pemilik sepatu no.132 ini pintar menulis.
ini tulisan dia untuk para "lonely people"
saya suka sekali tulisan ini... :)
ummm by the way, are you one of those lonely people? me... yes.

Sometimes they rant, sometimes they cry. Sometimes they create the most beautiful chain of words that could make many soul cry. Sometimes they go to the corner and shed a tear. Sometimes they would laugh the pain away. Sometimes they stare at someone's picture. Sometimes they listen to the most comforting sound.

Sometimes they lie to themselves as if nothing else matters. Sometimes they put on their bitter smile and happy to see others experiencing what they have experienced many years before. Sometimes they close their eyes in hope not to open them again the very next day. Sometimes they are just sit there alone. Sometimes they fantasize. Sometimes they become the weirdest creature. Sometimes they just know when to stop and continue to wish.

Cheers to all the lonely people. You know where you belong.

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