Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I saw him first in a cover of a book.

A couple years later, we became colleagues

Maybe he looks like a man with Botox in his face

'Coz he never smiles to you or he never calls you first…

But trust me: He’s a good person.

I learn from him that if you don’t know much about a person, then please don’t judge him/her.

I knew him as a person for 1 year but I never tried to know him better.

I just started to know him a couple of months ago.

And I realized that I had a wrong impression about him.

And I learn this important thing from him:

In this life, we should reach our dream to the maximum limit we have…

Maybe we will be exhausted… or maybe we hate the way people judge us…

or maybe we just want to give up…

But we should trust ourselves that we can do it.

Well… I’m a little bit jealous of him 'coz we’re the same age and he already knew how it feels to buy himself a car, to have a career in different areas, to have a great family and THE MOST THING IS: discipline himself to pray 5 times a day.

(at least he is trying to pray 5 times a day comparing to the lazy me)

To be honest, this blog was made inspired by him…

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