Friday, February 11, 2011


well.. the truth is: am in the lowest point of life... :)

am 30yo
have no job at all (i choose to resign because i want to start my business)
and when the business already start, we're facing a problem because i have to be hospitalized coz of thypus (i got thypus in December and January)
so basically my business right now is not running as well as before...

when i think i already healthy enough, i go to JKT and having meeting with my friend for a sidejob.
but after the meeting was over and i went back to my place,
two person in a motorcycle stole my bag
nothing's left.
my bb (that i still have to pay coz i buy it by credit to my friend), wallet, a letter from hospital, all the money (am carrying a lot money in my bag because i want to go to doctor to check up), my medicine and many other stuff...

so here i am...
having nothing.
but i start to recovery everything.
start by having back my phone number
and then my KTP, SIM, ATM (maybe next week i'll have them back, hopefully)
and the most important is: i really have to concern to my healthy, i dont want to sick anymore

and i miss some people that i trust much, well... but i think they just busy with their life...
well... its hard to know that usually you have someone you can talk to and then they're dissapear from your life... but i know i cant complaint about this... its absolutely their choice... and i should appreciate it.

all of this problem giving me a lot of time to think about my life...
and i found something that i should realize from long time ago:
i am the only person who responsible to my life.

and I still believe, that i'll be fine, i'll be healthy enough so i can find another job...

PS: pardon my english, am not good using this language :)