Monday, August 23, 2010


sepatu no.159 menulis ini....

how does it feel, being trapped into this twisted mess? like walking through dark aisle with loads of spider webs. no matter how careful you are, you'll end up tangled in one of those webs. sticky. very sticky. and you will find it hard to let go. you knew from the start, you didn't have to go through that dark aisle. and now you are wondering where is the end. it is a sticky situation which contains a lot of risks. you don't wanna be there, but you already there. sad but true. you're just playing with your mind and emotion. you rise high, and then you will fall into the darkest spiral downwards. There were no real happiness but somehow you believe that there is an eternal bliss. so, how does that make you feel now?

"Like sinking ships dragged into abyss, just slammin in simpleness."

oh well... i feel ya, girl... sigh.

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